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Friendly Adaptable Support Toolkit


The first Android tooling framework
designed specifically for Android developers.

Err... Great, I guess... But...

How can it help Me?

Well, think of it as a magic toolbox for Android developers. 

For every problem, FAST has a tool to help you with the issue.


I wish I could visualize and dynamically edit my views' properties directly in my app.

— Wishful Android developer

I hate going back and forth between my app and my code. Isn't there a way to execute pieces of code from the app?

— Tired Android developer

Oh god, it's boring as hell to have to manually restart the app or worse, clear the app's data!

— Bored Android developer

Where's the f*** are my logs? What the f*** are all these other logs? Stupid Logcat!

— Every Android developer


Fighting android’s ever-growing complexity.

Android development should not have to be this painful. We want you to focus on the important stuff, not lose hours figuring out a bug or a design glitch, or why the hell this library is so complex. 

We want to make every Android developer’s life easier by building as many simple, reliable, extendable, impactful, time-saving tools as possible.

No more headaches, only happy coding!

Made by Android Developers. For Android Developers.

Simple Tools.

Big Impact.

View Inspector

Live edit your layouts and views directly from your apps


Use the power of lambdas to run code whenever and wherever your need


Display metrics about your views, set up a grid or guidelines to help you check your UI

Resource Explorer

Visualize the live version of your resources, be it colors, drawables, strings, ...


Forget about the poor logcat. Visualize your logs in a better way directly in your app

Crash Info

Visualize your crashs directly in the app, no more searching in the Logcat!

Shared Prefs Explorer

Explore your Shared Preferences files, check and live edit the variables

Network Inspector

Visualize all the network requests made by your app, check the headers, response, ...

File Explorer

Explore and view you app's private files and folders, as well as Android’s

Restart Option

Restart current activity, app, clear data/cache, kill app, ...

Window Flags

Change status and nav bar visibility and color, enter fullscreen mode, ...

Code Generator

Visualize and export the code of anything edited or created via a FAST plugin

Manifest Explorer

See everything in your app’s manifest. You can even launch activities and services!

App State Explorer

An easy way to check your global variables and objects' states any time you need to.

Environment Switch

An easy way to switch between your app's custom environments

There’s more to each tool than just a two-line description. Check out our Github Wiki for every available feature.

Revolutionizing Android development,
one tool at a time.

More tools to come!

We let the community choose which features we're going to work on next

Layout Builder

Build your layouts from scratch in live directly from the app

Database Explorer

Explore your database(s) tables, check and live edit the data

Text Overlay

Display info about textviews like the size, the font, the color, ...

3D Hierarchy View

How about viewing your activity in 3D to check the view hierarchy ?

Animation Builder/Editor

An easy way to build and edit custom animations directly from the app

Color Selector

An easy way to get the color of any pixel on the screen with a Photoshop-like magnifier

ConstraintLayout Editor

Live edit the constraints of your views in a ConstraintLayout

View Hierarchy Editor

Remove views, move views, make views visible, invisible, it's up to you !

Device/App Data

To know everything about your device, be it hardware, software, display densities, etc...

ADB Plugin For AS

ADB is a very powerful tool but (almost) no one knows about it. Time to change that.

Your Feature​

You have an idea ? Tell us about it and we'll implement it if it get enough votes!​

We're adding new features every week!

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Do you want even more?

How about building custom tools yourself?

Because our tools are written in Kotlin and are running in your app,
you have the ability to create your own custom tools!


Each plugin is a distinct tool. Every plugin depends and rely on the core framework of FAST SDK.

While we are committed to build as many tools as possible for the most common issues, the plugin system also allows you to build your own custom plugin for your app’s special needs.

Shared Features

Shared features are, as the name implies, shared features by several plugins.

You can take advantage of shared features to quickly and easily add a feature, like a color picker or a code generator for example, to your own custom plugin.


Extensions are a quick way to add some functionality to an already existing plugin (tool).

For example, you can create an extension for the View Inspector plugin in order to support your custom wigdet’s properties.

Take Android development
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For freelancers and indie devs
  • View Inspector
  • Overlay
  • Actions
  • Resource Explorer
  • Logger
  • Crash Info
  • Access to all plugins
  • Access to all modules
  • Access to new features
  • Free updates
  • Build your own plugins
  • Build custom extensions


For 2-4 devs teams
  • View Inspector
  • Overlay
  • Actions
  • Resource Explorer
  • Logger
  • Crash Info
  • Access to all plugins
  • Access to all modules
  • Access to new features
  • Free updates
  • Build your own plugins
  • Build custom extensions


For 5+ devs teams
  • View Inspector
  • Overlay
  • Actions
  • Resource Explorer
  • Logger
  • Crash Info
  • Access to all plugins
  • Access to all modules
  • Access to new features
  • Free updates
  • Build your own plugins
  • Build custom extensions
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We are building the tools of the future
for Android developers.
Join us!

What's in it for you

Plugins and modules

Plugin system

Our tools are packed as plugins, so that you may only import and use the ones you really need.

You build time will also improve by avoiding to compile all the available tools.

Module system

Each plugin can be extended via modules, allowing to add fonctionalities, support other third-party libraries, etc…

A module can even be shared by plugins, in case a feature can be useful in several main features.

Thought for extension

Right from the start, the main objective was to let you developers add your own features, support your own custom widgets, etc… The possibilies are endless and since we can’t possibly make all of them come to life, we let you get some freedom with our SDK.

Taking care of you

Hotkeys for life

If you’re using a tool like Vysor, you can pilot our tools from computer keyboard through hotkeys, saving you a lot of time.

A lot of options

Because every developer has a unique way of thinking and working, we try to add as many options as possible to match your working preferences. Do you prefer a list or a grid?  

We remember your preferences

FAST is smart enough to remember which option your prefer, which option you’ve set up last time, in order to 

Favorites system

To make life a little bit easier for you, some plugins include a favorite system that allows you to reach you favorites features faster.

No initialization required

FAST initialize itself during application startup. No extra code required on your own (except if you want to customize something, of course).

No internet connection required

We know some of you are working on offline apps, so FAST don’t require any internet connection.

No permissions required

Some would say that the new permissions system introduced in Android 6 is a good thing, but it’s extra work for us developer. As such, our SDK doesn’t add any permission to your app, for a painless integration.

Evolving quickly while listening to You

Following Android evolution

Although we won’t support any alpha, beta or release candidate of the support libraries or the Android OS itself, we make our best to support the newest features and APIs quickly.

Vote for the next feature

Our roadmap will be decided by our customers’ votes! Meaning that you can literally impact the order of the next features to be developed and released.

Suggest your own ideas

You probably have ideas too about new tools or cool features. Feel free to let us know about it!

Available for Android 5+

Compatibility is still a pain for many of us. Our tools are compatible back to Android 5 (API 21).

EASY dependency management

Not relying on the support libraries

Since we’re not relying on Google’s support libraries or material design components, you won’t be forced to update your dependencies to use our SDK. Just keep whatever version you’re currently using!

No additional third-party libraries

We don’t want to add more bloat code than necessary, that’s why we don’t rely on any third-party library at all.

No dependency conflicts

Since FAST don’t rely on any third-party libraries, you won’t to worry about dependency conflicts or update your support libraries.

No-op release variants

We know you want your app to be as lightweight as possible, that why we have no-op release versions of our libraries if you ever need them.


Our tools are made of regular Android widgets. You can add any available tool from the FAST SDK like you would add a third-party library in your gradle config files.

Our tools will then be displayed (when you summon them) in your app, over your activity’s layout.

Nope, we don’t. We’re taking advantage of the Android window/activity layout architecture. We add a little magic code of our own and we can display our tools on top of your activity’s content layout, without modifying it.

If you’re not using FAST? Any version you want! If you’re using FAST, we require Java 8.
Honestly, we haven’t tested it out yet! Most plugins should work out of the box (since they don’t need any configuration) but we know we have some work to do on plugins like Actions for example (stuff like adding @JvmStatic everywhere!). Subscribe to our newsletter to get any updates on this subject.

Nope! Nada! We like to make our plugins as transparent as possible for the developers. So Fast will initialize himself automatically without any action on your part. There’s one scenario where you may need to call a method though, see this page on the Wiki for more information about it.

Zero. None. Fast won’t add any additional third-party dependency to your project. Some modules have third-party dependencies (for example, materialcomponents module for the View Inspector plugin have a dependency to Google’s Material Components library) but your project should already have them as dependencies in your project (you don’t added a dependency to the materialcomponents module if your project doesn’t depend on the Material Component library), so no added dependencies.
Yes you can! FAST has been designed with extension in mind, and we offer the possibility to anyone to make their own plugin and modules. Why? Because everyone has differents needs and we can’t possibly answer to everyone. By letting developers create their own extension, we let them satisfy their need, whether they share it with other developers or not.If you want to create your own plugin or module, please read the Wiki on our public Github repository.

As much as we love open source, it doesn’t pay the bills or our employees’ salary. But it doesn’t mean we don’t contribute to open source projects. We plan to open-source our awesome Color Picker component, among other things.


No we don’t! This is clearly not a priority as most apps are used mainly in portrait. Once we’ve made all the plugins in our to-do list, maybe we’ll take a shot a the landscape mode.

No, we don’t, yet. But we plan to. Subscribe to our newsletter to get any updates on this subject.

No, we don’t. We can’t spend our time checking every little tweak of every versions that Google is releasing. We prefer to focus our efforts on stable versions, which apis are less likely to change.

But we support preview versions of the support libraries (androidx), as they long as they don’t require compiling against a preview version of Android. Why this distinction? Because Google is really slow at releasing his support libraries and more often than not, alpha versions are used as release versions in production by developers.

Since FAST’s mission is to help developers builds the easiest way, we try to support them and avoid limiting them in their choices regarding the support library (which can sometimes be a real time saver).

Not yet. We plan to support the last two version (27.1 and 28.0)  of the old support library. But we don’t have any plan to support any older version, since most projects should make their transition to androidx now.

Not at all! We don’t have any links with Google.

Alright, let's hear About what you have to say!

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