FAST SDK Update 0.8.7

New Network Inspector plugin

Version 0.8.7 comes with the new Network Inspector plugin. There are now 8 plugins available in FAST SDK:

  • View Inspector
  • Actions
  • Overlays
  • Resource Explorer
  • Logger
  • Crash Info
  • SharedPreferences Editor
  • Network Inspector

Please visit the wiki for instructions about adding it to your project.


For now, the Network Inspector plugin is only compatible with network libraries relying on Square’s OKHttp client. Fortunately, two well-known libraries are relying on it:

We tried to support Google’s Volley too (not sure if anyone is still using this library…) but everything’s final and it would not be very easy for you to integrate the Network Inspector plugin if we were to make something compatible. So, for the moment, we gave up on Volley.

As for the other libraries such as Ion or AndroidAsync to only name a few, nothing prevents us to support them as well in the future if some of you would need it.


The Network Inspector is similar to other tools like Chuck/Chucker or Finch.

For now, it’s probably is little less-well equipped than those libraries but we are planning on adding more features soon.

For now, you can view your requests in a list (refreshed in live), and then get details about the request and its response in dedicated tabs (also refreshed in live).

The usual stuff like headers, body, response code, …

One of the aspects we want to improve is the response body preview. For now, we can only display human-formatted JSON and XML.

But we can go further than that. We could offer image preview for Image requests (JPG or PNG), use a webview to preview HTML content in the case of an HTML based response.

There are probably other areas of improvement too. Let us know if you have ideas that would help you with network requests!


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