FAST SDK Update 0.9.2

Version 0.9.2 comes with a brand new Manifest Explorer plugin. There are now 12 plugins available in FAST SDK:

  • View Inspector
  • Actions
  • Overlays
  • Resource Explorer
  • Logger
  • Crash Info
  • SharedPreferences Editor
  • Network Inspector
  • File Explorer
  • Restart Options
  • Window Flags
  • Manifest Explorer

Please visit the wiki for instructions about adding it to your project.

New Manifest Explorer plugin

It’s Christmas but we’re still working! So what can the Manifest Explorer do for you? Well, as its name implies, you will be able to see exactly what’s in your manifest and your application’s package.

Basically, it takes (almost) all the information from the class, as well as the various “Info” classes from the same package (like ApplicationInfo, ActivityInfo, etc…).

Here’s what the Manifest Explorer covers in this version:

  • Application info
  • Package info
  • Activities info
  • Configurations info
  • Features info
  • Permissions info
  • Providers info
  • Receivers info
  • Requested Permissions info
  • Services info

Discover providers, services and broadcast receivers from third-party libraries

Sometimes you don’t know what comes with a third-party library. On our little demo project, we can see that we have a provider from the androidx-lifecycle library, as well as a service from Merlin.

Start your activities and services

Sometimes you just want to start an activity or a service for testing purposes. Or because you haven’t implemented the code to launch either of them yet.

Whatever the case, you can simply start an activity or a service by clicking the “play” icon on each item (see animation below).


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