FAST SDK Update 0.9.3

We finish the year 2019 with version 0.9.3. It comes with a brand new Session Manager plugin. There are now 13 plugins available in FAST SDK:

  • View Inspector
  • Actions
  • Overlays
  • Resource Explorer
  • Logger
  • Crash Info
  • SharedPreferences Editor
  • Network Inspector
  • File Explorer
  • Restart Options
  • Window Flags
  • Manifest Explorer
  • Session Manager

Please visit the wiki for instructions about adding it to your project.

New Session Manager plugin

If there is one thing that is not easy to monitor, it’s the app’s global state. Depending on your project, it might take into account many variables from different classes.

That’s where the new Session Manager plugin comest into play. Thanks to it, you will be able to see your relevant variables/objects in a breeze, whenever and wherever you want.

And of course, you can categorize your variables. Maybe you want a tab for your user or the data associated with it. Maybe you want some info on your server (to check that you are hitting the dev server and not the production server for example). Or maybe you want another tab to check on that extra feature that is specific to your app.

All in all, the Session Manager allows you to see quickly the state of your global data (or any variable you need to check often) in a breeze. This should make it much easier to spot errors in the state of your app.

Copy feature

We thought it would be nice if you could copy in the clipboard any of your variables’ values. Not so nice to have to retype this token in POSTMAN? Well, a simple click on a variable will do the trick to copy your variable’s content.

Then you can go to your IDE, browser or any other app on your computer and simply paste the content. Quick and easy.

Of course, this only works if you’re using an emulator or a screen-mirroring app like Vysor for example.

That’s it for 2019!

FAST SDK has been released in November with 6 tools. Less than two months later, FAST SDK now counts no less than 13 tools!

We have more planned for 2020. So stay tuned and happy new year!


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